St Aidan's Nursery Ofsted Report

St Aidan's has again been graded outstanding in ALL areas following a recent HMI Ofsted Inspection.
In the official report, which has just been made public today, it says:
“The management are truly inspirational, exceptionally caring, committed and knowledgeable of their role and responsibility in providing high-quality childcare and education. Staff demonstrate high levels of expertise in supporting children's all round development and learning.”

The new Ofsted framework, which has just been introduced in September of this year, now undertakes inspections in three key areas which include:
  • How well the early years' provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend.
  • The contribution of the early years' provision to the well-being of children.
  • The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early year' provision.
Now staff, parents and children are all celebrating this fantastic achievement where the HMI grade of “outstanding” confirms yet again that the provision at St Aidan’s Day Nursery is of exceptional high quality!

Martin Murphy, Chair of the Board of Trustees says “I am so proud of this report and I continue to recommend any parent who is considering nursery education – read this report and come and visit, we are “outstanding” - the “Rolls Royce Nursery” has done it again! I wish to congratulate all the staff for their dedication towards achieving this exceptional HMI Ofsted Report. I am also very pleased that this report recognises that our partnership with parents remains very strong; that the safety and welfare of our children continues to be well supported; that all of our children are making good progress across all seven areas of learning; our staff performance management systems are rigorous and effective; and the high standard of teaching and learning provided by our highly competent staff within our setting is excellent”.
View the official St Aidan's Ofsted report.

Further Ofsted comments:
"Staff are vibrant, enthusiastic, listen and care whilst in their role, praising and encouraging, and guiding all children to reach their potential goal"

"Children's communication and language is excellently supported across all ages"

"Children are well motivated and eager to join in"

"Staff constantly praise children, therefore, their self-esteem and self-assurance is fully promoted and children develop a positive sense of themselves and respect for others"

"Older children are exceptionally well prepared for school"

"Staff successfully engage with parents from the very first meeting into the nursery to the final weeks children attend"

"Assessment at all ages is precise, focused, and includes all those included in the children's learning to ensure timely intervention and support. Open nights are used to review children's development and progress with parents and 'graduation' events celebrate children's success at attending nursery"

"Children are cared for in a highly stimulating, warm and inviting environment where resources and activities are easily accessed by even the youngest of children"

"The outdoor play areas are well organised and provide children with opportunities to develop their physical skills, such as, running, pedalling bikes and balancing or climbing. Children can explore the natural environment and outdoor habitat. Trees and flowers grow in the grounds of the nursery and a mini allotment is available for children to grow seasonal flowers, fruit and vegetables"

"Hygiene practices and healthy lifestyle is exceptionally well promoted"

"Staff represent excellent role models to children"

"Staff consistently give the highest priority to ensuring children's safety throughout the nursery through the nursery policies and procedures implemented by competent staff. Children feel safe and gain a secure understanding of how to keep themselves safe through instruction, for example, the fire evacuation procedure and during their play through tidy up time routines"

"Children are effectively supported by staff to understand how to keep themselves healthy. For example, they take part in music and movement activities in the nursery, access fresh air and exercise daily outdoors, and opportunities are created for children to attend swimming lessons at the local swimming pool"